Our Grid Coupling inventory is located on our Cleveland, OH facility.

We stock hub sizes 1020T – 1150T in a combination of rough stock bore and finished bore.

Hub sizes 1020T – 1080T are available in rough stock bore as well as popular finished bore sizes. Hub sizes 1090T and larger are only stocked in rough stock bore.

Drive Components’ stock covers a wide range of industries and applications.

The 1020T, our smallest Grid Coupling, has a max bore of 1.125” and a torque rating of 460 lbs-in

The 1150T is our largest stock Grid Coupling. It has a max bore of 8” and is rated for 352,000 lbs-in torque.

Our Grid Couplings are fully interchangeable with industry standard products.

Drive Components offers rebore capabilities to fit all your shaft size requirements. We can accommodate clearance fit, interference fit and spline bores.

Horizontal Covers (T10) and Vertical Covers (T20) are stock in sizes 1020T – 1120T. For sizes 1130T and larger, we are stocking only Horizontal Covers (T10).


In addition to our coupling stock, we have the capability to produce Grid Couplings up to size 1240T which can accommodate a 18.625” bore and a torque ratings over 4.9 million lbs-in.

Full Spacer (T31), Half Spacer (T35) and Floating Shaft (T50) Grid type coupling are also available.