Pumping Systems:

Drive Components Products are prevalent in the Pumping Industry. From Couplings and Sheaves for pump skids and engineered pump packages to vibration dampening Couplings on engine driven trailer mounted pumps to fail safe direct coupled fire pumps, we can address your specific application needs.

Overhead Cranes and Hoists:

Drive Components Gear and Grid Couplings can handle the high torques and heavy loads found on heavy duty overhead cranes and hoists across a wide variety of industries.

Bulk Material Handling Systems:

Transporting heavy materials is vital in the Aggregates, Cement, Asphalt and Mining industries and Drive Components Couplings, Sheaves and Pulleys are vital components on Heavy Duty Conveyor Systems where uptime and reliability are essential.

Hammermills, Grinders, Crushers and Shredders:

Where ever materials have to be processed and reduced in size, high horsepowers, low speeds and high torques are common in the machinery to do this. Drive Components Grid and Gear Couplings are ideal choices due to their high torque density and the ability to transmit the required torque in the smallest possible package.

Rubber & Plastics Machinery:

This industry is another industry where high Hp, low Rpm and high torque is required. High capacity couplings such as the Drive Components Grid and Gear style are suited to these typical types of applications including – mixers, calenders, mills, presses and extruders.

Primary Metals Industry:

The process lines found in Steel and other Primary Metals industries are characterized by high loads, high speeds, high torques. Drive Components Couplings, Sheaves, Pulleys and Bushings are integral to many processes within the mill.