• The simple design of the Drive Components Tire Couplings utilizes a highly flexible, cord reinforced rubber tire clamped between steel flanges that mount on to the drive and driven shafts with Tapered Bushings.
  • The flexible Rubber Tire requires no lubrication which means less required maintenance.
  • The torsionally soft Rubber Tire provides excellent shock absorption and vibration reduction resulting in increased life of prime mover and driven machinery.
  • Drive Components Tire Couplings accommodate substantial Angular Misalignment (2 deg), Parallel Misalignment (1%) as well as End Float and Combination Misalignment.
  • The Rubber Tire provides electrical isolation between driver and driven shafts which eliminates an important cause of bearing failure.
  • Drive Components Tire Couplings are interchangeable from a ratings and dimensional standpoint with similar tire couplings on the market.
  • Drive Components offers Tire Couplings with Torque Ratings up to 102,660 in lbs and bore sizes up to 4-3/4 inches.

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Tire Coupling Types Available

KSC-L Type
KCS-P Type
KCS-M Type
KRB Type
KRF Type